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Live Countdown

AM Routine

Countdown Timer with

to-the-second precision.

Need to finish some tasks on time?

AM Routine will tell you when to start.

live countdown

Live Countdown lets you countdown to a specific second in time.

Other countdown apps aren’t so precise.


Main Features:

• Set Date, Hour, Minute and Second for your countdown

• Adjust the clock to match an external time source within 0.1 seconds

• View your Countdown on the AppleWatch

• Show & Hide fractions of a second for both the Countdown or the Clock

• Label your Countdown Timer



This app is designed for Live Television when things like going On and Off the air need to happen at a precise second. This app also lets you adjust the clock to match an external time like the Network Time or the Control Room Time. You can even adjust the clock by fractions of a second so the seconds tick at the exact same time. Because this is for a Live TV environment it does not do notifications or make sounds when the countdown finishes. It simply counts down to 0:00:00 and stops.


The AppleWatch App will display the countdown set on the phone. At this time you cannot adjust the countdown from your watch. It must be set on the phone first then sync the changes from the watch.



Who else besides Live TV people would need this?




and you, if you need a precise countdown.

AM Routine takes the guessing out of when to get up in the morning.


Ideal for Freelancers. Whether it's going to a different office, a different job or just the Friday Traffic, many of our morning routines change from day to day. At night we all do the mental math to figure out how long we need to do everything in the morning and still make it to work on time.


AM Routine unlike other alarm clock apps does that math for you so you get as much sleep as possible while still having enough time to get ready.


Using it is simple:

1. You set the time you need to be finished with your routine

2. Then you add the tasks you need to complete and how long each will take. You can pick your own pictures or choose stock images that will display as you are in your routine.


AM Routine adds everything up and sets the alarm for the correct time. So you get to sleep as long as possible and still have the right amount of time to finish your tasks. While you are doing your routine you can display a dashboard showing you what task you should be on and what's coming up to keep you on time.



Like all 3rd Party Alarm Clock apps, Notifications are limited to thirty seconds. After that time the alarm will stop. Also if your phone is on Mute or Do Not Disturb the alarm will not make a sound.

am routine

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